About Us


Using only the freshest of local ingredients and a top-secret recipe, Andersons has been serving mouth watering and award winning pies and bakery products to the good people of Taranaki for over 50 years. With a team of 30, the family owned and operated business bakes up to 50,000 pies per week. However, the focus is still on quality over quantity, with the business carefully developing their recipes, their supply of ingredients and the nutritional value of their products. Times may change, but the quality, consistency and flavour will not. Andersons is one of the only bakeries in New Zealand to employ their own butcher, who carefully selects and prepares the locally sourced meats.

Andersons makes over 10 different fillings for their range of pies. But production is not limited or confined to the humble pie; with a wide range of pasties, savouries, rolls, sandwiches, cakes and desserts on offer. The value for money in their outside catering services has created a huge demand, catering everything from weddings and parties to business events.

With a focus on quality, fresh ingredients and classic recipes, there is only one problem with Andersons … one pie is never enough.

The Andersons

From left to right: Phillip Anderson, Liam Anderson, Mark Anderson, Brian Anderson, Brendan Anderson, Melissa Anderson-Guthrie, Grant Anderson


At Andersons Pies, we are proud to be self sufficient, completing all tasks on-site; even our own laundry. Our philosophy is that if we control all the components of the production process, then we can assure the highest quality products. Brian noted that this is also good for the local community, employing 30 staff.

Andersons are members of BIANZ, which is the Baking Industry Association of New Zealand. Furthermore, Andersons register a Food Control Plan with Ministry of Primary Industries. This membership enables independent and annual audits to be conducted of the property to ensure that our commitment to quality meets the strictest of standards.

To cheat your customers is to cheat yourself. This is the motto of the team at Andersons Pies, which is instilled in everything they do. This means that Andersons will not substitute a great product for a cheaper product or cut corners on the original recipes. To do this would be detrimental to their flavours and reputation. Andersons has become an institution and local phenomenon in Taranaki. People in Taranaki don’t ask for a pie, they ask for an Andersons Pie. We intend to keep it this way.